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Ada, You Beauty!

Ada, You Beauty!

On the last day of our trip to Accra, we got invited by friends to spend the day in Ada. Ada is a small coastal town in the Greater Accra Region, about an hour’s drive outside of Accra.

It turned out that a friend of a friend has a family home right on the water, and every fort night or so, a group of them spend a Sunday afternoon there. We were promised a relaxed day in the sun, accompanied by good company, food and drinks. We excitedly accepted the offer. And we are so happy we did!

With that said, we embarked on the road trip to Ada on a smoldering hot Ghana Summer’s day. The drive to Ada was beautiful. Open road, fields that went on forever, grazing livestock, and small markets were all part of the scenery on our way there. Through all our chit chat and plenty laughs, there were moments of awe-invoked silence. I for one, just felt a calming sense of serenity, appreciation, and just felt so blessed to be able to experience this marvelous piece of our African continent.

When we arrived in Ada, were were certainly not disappointed. It was everything we had been told, and more! The house was gorgeous. It had a long and spacious wooden deck that led to a thatched gazebo right on the river. This was where we would spend the rest of our amaaaaaaazing day. We enjoyed a long afternoon of wine, food, hookah, laughter, and water sports. We rode on jet skis all day and at sunset took a ride on their speed boat.  As we rode further away from the house, the views became more spectacular. From small villages which were literally right on the water, to beautiful palm tree-lined beaches, the boat trip truly opened our eyes to the beauty of Ghana.














By the time we got back to the house, the sun had set. And as if our surroundings couldn’t get any more beautiful… between the beautiful moon’s reflection on the water, the perfect weather, the perfect company, a delicious traditional Ghanian meal, we may as well have been in paradise!





However, the reality of our lives was that there was a flight to Johannesburg which we had to board shortly. After toying with the idea of “missing” our flight back home, we dragged our feet to the car, and hit the road back to Accra.

If there was ever a perfect day, this was it. Ada, you are a beauty. Really, you are.

Accra – The city that won’t let you sleep

Accra – The city that won’t let you sleep

Accra, Ghana – The city that won’t let you sleep

As October swings around every year there is general pressure to finalise December holiday plans, get those leave days sorted and choose a destination. We decided to not go to Cape Town for a change and instead spend 10 Days in Accra, Ghana.

I am a pretty nervous traveler so after annoying my fellow companion with packing 3 days in advance and wanting to get to the airport 3 hours in advance, we boarded our flight to Accra.

On arrival we were greeted by what I can only describe as a wall of humidity, and some friendly smiles. We settled in at one of The Love World Tour Travelists’ family homes in Accra and in true Love World Tour fashion we got ready for a night out on the town, which proved to be the first of very many.

Accra has a buzzing and vibrant night life, which is always on, Sunday – Sunday, Bars and Restaurants are filled with usual and unusual patrons ready for good food, and good music.

My three favourite places were The Lexington, Fire Fly and Twist, which became as familiar to me as my living room.

The Lexington Accra was the first club we experienced in Accra. We went back there twice and it never disappointed us. After a long flight all we needed was good music and a drink. Drinks we got, but what we underestimated was the level of awesome that the music would reach. Playing a mix of some great international Hip-Hop, R&B, and South African House Music, we did not stop dancing for a second, You know it’s a good night when dancing feels like a full on workout. Having walked in there with our hair down, make up done, looking quite cute, we left with our hair up in messy buns and praising the make-up G-ds for the good quality make-up we had bought.



Nothing beats a fully stocked bar

Pretty Girls - Before the dancing began

Pretty Girls – Before the dancing began

Our night didn’t end there, we moved on to Twist. At the time we had no idea just how well we would eventually get to know this night club, as I said, it became like home, but I digress. Twist is a small and intimate club whose patrons became familiar faces, and DJ’s became our friends. Playing a mix of Hip-Hop and West African music, the DJ’s at Twist had us singing lyrics we sometimes didn’t understand and shaking our asses until the sky was light some nights, well mornings. We eventually learned that heels were not the way to go when it came to Twist because the music was enough to make you forget your sore feet and keep going. With great service and tequila shots that came in shot glasses that resembled tea cups, it’s a no brainer as to why this spot became a regular feature in our visit.

Stace and The Boys

Stace and The Boys



Sitting down was never an option

Sitting down was never an option

Firefly Bar reminded me of the clubs/bars in Cape Town. It had a very European feel to it, from its bar set up to the Electro and Funky House music coming from the speakers. This is where we met many tourists and ex-patts from Europe. This place was always buzzing, with a line out the door with people waiting to get in. Firefly has a supper club theme to it. Dinner is served until midnight and there after it’s a party till the music stops playing, allowing you to have a civilised conversation and exchange with friends in a place with a great vibe, before the debauchery starts. With a fully stocked bar and a great compliment of waiters and barmen, there was never time to be dehydrated at Firefly.

En Route to a GOOOOOD time

En Route to a GOOOOOD time

BELVEDERE and Cranberry Juice - never disappoints

BELVEDERE and Cranberry Juice – never disappoints

Me and My Stace

Me and My Stace

All in all our nights out in Accra were always epic, filled with music, laughter, a good vibe and sometimes sore feet. Everything a great night is made of.

For more information of the clubs mentioned here visit the links below, we hope you have even more fun than we did at these great places.

Twist lounge
The Lexington
Firefly Lounge Bar

Ghana, beautiful Ghana.

Ghana, beautiful Ghana.

After hearing my friend Adj saying “Katiso can you be serious about life and come to Ghana” and Bobo saying “Friend, you will love Ghana” I just had to pull myself together and mission to Ghana. 2012 could not go by with me not having traveled a bit of Africa. Having friends visit there before and them go on non stop about how beautiful and in love they are with Ghana, I could not but have high expectations for Ghana.

This trip meant more to me than I realized at the time. My heart had taken a bit of a beating and I’m grateful I have friends who know what is good for me to heal. I needed to go somewhere to feed my soul and nurture my heart.

I have to be thankful that we actually made it onto the flight after they had closed the gates, so you could imagine that all I wanted was to get to Ghana and make memories.

We arrived in Accra in the evening awaited by perhaps the most funniest guy I have met. The hospitality that I received at the airport already left me feeling warm and fuzzy. Everyone was happy, the officials would crack jokes with you. The men greeted you with such respect. And boy was it hot. It had to have been the smoothest immigration process I have gone through coupled with such an amazing reception.

As Africans we have a great sense of pride, however being in Ghana I experienced a pride on an inspirational level. I was fortunate to meet people who told me about their countries history and hearing the excitement and faith they had in their country was humbling. Ghanian’s pride themselves on educating themselves and giving back to their country.

Unlike my friends, I don’t eat hot and spicy foods, so being in the land of hot food, the local cuisine was going to be quite an experience for me. When you are in another country you have to indulge in their local dishes. Talapia was what Adj and Bob recommended to me, which is their specialty fish. Its delicious. The experience you have with the food is out of this world. Its tasty and it feels like a whole lot of love and soul goes into preparing the meals.

The men, oh the men. Now I heard many people rant and rave about Ghanian men, so I thought it best to experience a sea of them. They are gentleman, they care about your well being and are always asking if there is anything they can get for you, not because they want to jump you, but because they genuinely care. And to cut to the chase, they ooze sex appeal. They are well built and their dark skins make them more appealing. They are REAL men without causing any controversy. There are other reasons why I can’t wait to go back to Ghana but I have to speak the truth and nothing but the truth in saying that I will save up for a flight ticket to just be surrounded by them again.

It sounds strange but I feel I get a true sense and feel of a place when I walk the streets. Walking the streets of Accra in search of a spot to go wind down was a lovely experience. The girls showed me a few of their favourite spots until we settled on one. Having the locals greet you in a respectable manner was truly humbling. There was a buzz that one was not meant to understand but take it all in. We take for granted the freedom of walking streets so freely without a care until you get to a place where you can and you realize that is how you truly experience a place.

From City to quaint beach and lake atmosphere is what one can experience in Accra. Just an hour outside of Accra we went to Ada. Its serene, its breath taking, and its just beautiful. With the perfect company, amazing views great drink and food what more could you ask for from this stunning place. I was adventurous enough to hop onto the Jet-ski, why not. When you are on holiday you need to throw yourself into being adventurous. It was loads of fun. Spending the day in Ada was the best way to close off my Ghana experience.

It is always comforting when your expectations about a place have been met or better, exceeded. I was and am still in awe of Ghana and its people. We always here people raving about how Africa is a place of beauty. Ghana made me appreciate what our continent has to offer. We are rich with such amazing people, we have a plethora of cuisines and beautiful cultures, and our souls are what keep us singing.

Thank you Ghana for the beautiful experience. I will sing your praises for as long as my heart keeps beating. You are beauty and you are incredibly inspiring.

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I realized that the most powerful time in my life is now and here, so I need to make it count for something truly great. Ghana, thank you for that.

A Room With A View: Simon’s Town

A Room With A View: Simon’s Town

I spent a day in Simon’s Town over this past Summer. It was my first time visiting this charming seaside village, which is situated about 40 km outside of the city of Cape Town. This quaint town has a rich history, charming shops, restaurants for every taste, penguins at Boulders Beach, and many other outdoor activities to enjoy.

Simon’s Town is the perfect holiday destination to visit for some down time after spending time in the city.

When we woke up that morning, we stepped out oto to the balcony to this absolutely amazing view. I had to share!