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Get To Know: Lindi

Get To Know: Lindi


1.What is the best early morning experience you’ve had while traveling?

Waking up to a hot, busy Tel – Aviv. Sea to my left, Metropolis to my right, and feeling right at home

2. Have you experienced any disasters/crisis while traveling?

Losing my luggage for 4 Days  on my way to Harare

3. Have you ever “mysteriously” survived a critical situation?

Nope. Unless drinking Tequila that looks, and smells like petrol counts.

4. What is your travel style?

I am a very, ummm, nervous traveler. I have been offloaded and left behind by FAR too many airlines. I like to arrive early, and by early I mean 2-4hrs early

5. Which songs best describes your travel experiences?

Queen Pen “A Party Aint a Party”

Da Brat “Funkdafied”

Drake “Underground Kings”

6. Most profound lesson learned through travel?

Its ok to get to the airport an hour before you should. It REALLY is ok :)

7. Favorite Town/ Village?  Why?

Village? Don’t have one

8. Favorite City? Why?

I fell in love with Jerusalem, cheesey I know. But the feeling of this city is amazing. Culturally and Spiritually rich.  The energy is palpable.

9. Who is the most unforgettable person you’ve met or interacted with while traveling?


10. What are some of the things you don’t like about traveling?

Lost luggage

11. I had my best night’s sleep at:

One of my close friends’ houses in Accra. It may have been the tequila, but the bed was soft too

 12. What are the 3 top eating experiences you’ve had while traveling lately?

I am terrible at trying out new foods, so none yet

 13. Best place to get tipsy:

Where ever my friends are

14. What’s the craziest stereotype you’ve heard about South Africans while traveling?

We live in a country where the crime and violence rivals that of a small civil war. That South African girls are ummm, generous

15. If I had only 24 hours to live, I would spend it in:

My City

16. Best Cities to fall in love?

Not sure, its never happened

 17.Cities you want to see with a lover?

None in particular

18. Cities you want to see with the girls?

The World

19. Best Cities to travel on your own

None, why would I do that when I have so many great people to travel with

 20. What city best suits/ embodies your personality?

I am yet to find one …

21. About Yourself:

This is the worst thing people can ask. I love to talk, but I don’t particularly like talking about my self.

I am a loving, emotional an d opinionated person. I protect what I care about, I’m LOUD and  sometimes tactless. Most importantly though, I am the funniest person I know

Lindi Ghana