Ada, You Beauty!

Ada, You Beauty!

Ada, You Beauty!

On the last day of our trip to Accra, we got invited by friends to spend the day in Ada. Ada is a small coastal town in the Greater Accra Region, about an hour’s drive outside of Accra.

It turned out that a friend of a friend has a family home right on the water, and every fort night or so, a group of them spend a Sunday afternoon there. We were promised a relaxed day in the sun, accompanied by good company, food and drinks. We excitedly accepted the offer. And we are so happy we did!

With that said, we embarked on the road trip to Ada on a smoldering hot Ghana Summer’s day. The drive to Ada was beautiful. Open road, fields that went on forever, grazing livestock, and small markets were all part of the scenery on our way there. Through all our chit chat and plenty laughs, there were moments of awe-invoked silence. I for one, just felt a calming sense of serenity, appreciation, and just felt so blessed to be able to experience this marvelous piece of our African continent.

When we arrived in Ada, were were certainly not disappointed. It was everything we had been told, and more! The house was gorgeous. It had a long and spacious wooden deck that led to a thatched gazebo right on the river. This was where we would spend the rest of our amaaaaaaazing day. We enjoyed a long afternoon of wine, food, hookah, laughter, and water sports. We rode on jet skis all day and at sunset took a ride on their speed boat.  As we rode further away from the house, the views became more spectacular. From small villages which were literally right on the water, to beautiful palm tree-lined beaches, the boat trip truly opened our eyes to the beauty of Ghana.














By the time we got back to the house, the sun had set. And as if our surroundings couldn’t get any more beautiful… between the beautiful moon’s reflection on the water, the perfect weather, the perfect company, a delicious traditional Ghanian meal, we may as well have been in paradise!





However, the reality of our lives was that there was a flight to Johannesburg which we had to board shortly. After toying with the idea of “missing” our flight back home, we dragged our feet to the car, and hit the road back to Accra.

If there was ever a perfect day, this was it. Ada, you are a beauty. Really, you are.