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TBT: Winter in Lesotho, 2011

TBT: Winter in Lesotho, 2011

Firstly….This was my coldest winter EVER!

I had heard about the snow in Lesotho, but being the sceptic that I am, I didn’t believe it! We are in Southern Africa… How much snow could there really be? I soon found out that just 500km out of Johoannesburg, the mountains of Lesotho have seasons of their own.

Naturally, a group of friends gathered to explore the snowy mountains of Lesotho.

This was an experience that was out of my comfort zone (I generally do not like the freezing cold), but all of that was forgotten when we arrived. We were welcomed into a cabin with a fire place at Afri Ski Resort Mountain Resort . Well, actually, we had to make the fire:-)  We cooked, drank local beers and immersed ourselves in the snowy landscape. We bonded over bon fires and  bum boarded, mainly because because our alchol intake levels did not allow for us to be up early to do proper ski trainining sessions.  It was good times indeed…

Afri Ski, the only skiing resort situated in the Maloti Mountains, proved to be an exciting and well worth experience. After that holiday, I was sure that you could put me anywhere in the world and I’d still have a fantastic time, as long as there’s good company and great food…even in the ice cold :)

Contact details:

Website: www.afriski.net

Tel: 08612374754















TBT – Beaching it up

TBT – Beaching it up


Somewhere deep into 2011, my peoples came over to hang out in Cape Town. I had just moved there, so could think of nothing better than chilling HARD taking in the fascinating (and icy) Cape Town waters. We spent time between Camps Bay eating at Pepperclub on The Beach, Llandudno beach – one of my favourite spots - which is about ten minutes from Camps Bay, and The Grand Beach Cafe at Granger Bay.

The whole day was spent doing absolutely nothing.  And It was nothing short of delicious.


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Pepperclub on The Beach

Address: The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay

Telephone number: +27 (0)21 438 3174


The Grand Beach Cafe

Address: Granger Bay Road (off Beach Road), Granger Bay

Telephone number: +27 (0)21 425 0551

The Bungalow, Clifton, CPT

The Bungalow, Clifton, CPT

Anyone who knows me well will testify to the fact that when I travel, most of my travel plans are based on great dining experiences. I will always seek out the best restaurants in any city that I travel to. Firstly because, well, I just love to eat good food, and secondly, because I believe that through its food, you get to know every country/city a little bit better.  Upon the good advice of a friend who lives in Cape Town, we made a reservation for lunch at The Bungalow in Clifton. And thank God we did, because its always packed, especially during peak season.

The Bungalow opened its doors in December 2011, and is also sister  to the Paranga / Pepenero / Zenzero and The Kove restaurants. The restaurant has been described as “Clifton’s hottest restaurant and lounge”, and after spending a very lazy Summer’s day eating the most divine seafood, and sipping on bubbly all day, I have to agree that The Bungalow is as “hot” as its been said to be.

With its chic interior and excellent food & wine menu, a relaxed vibe, and beautiful clientele,  The Bungalow has given Cape Town a fine dining restaurant at one of the best locations around and therefore created an excellent destination to spend long Summer lunches that turn into dinner.

We love Cape Town Summer days, but we love Cape Town Summer days spent at The Bungalow a little bit more :-)



Their seafood platter is sooo good!


Tequila, anyone?


Stunning view!



Good people, good food, good weather, plenty bubbly…enough to make a girl smile!




Happy times!


The Bungalow Restaurant (The old La Med)
Address: 3 Victoria Road, Clifton
Telephone number: +27 (0)21 438 2018.

A Break Away From The City

A Break Away From The City

Every once in a while, it is necessary to take a break from the hectic Jozi city life and embrace the peaceful South African bushvelt.

Our destination was Marloth Park in Mpumalanga, which is a nature conservancy adjoining the Crocodile River and the Kruger National Park.

All we wanted to do was let our hair down , have great meals, drinks and fun in the Sun. We got more than what we asked for….We cooked our meals in typical bush braai style (only because we had no electricity), drinks were flowing all weekend, bikini’s all day and walks in the bush with no care.

Our hosts were more than generous to leave us with their their Safari vehicle, so we could go on our own missions and experience the bush. Our padkos was a few bottles of wine, beers and we were on our way

It was a memorable experience with shared with friends and, definitely one of South Africa’s hidden gems that all should go and see.


We pulled over to enjoy the scenery!

We pulled over to enjoy the scenery!

Our beautiful friends, Sihle and Tebogo...

Our beautiful friends, Sihle and Tebogo…

A bush shower...

A bush shower…



Summertime in the bush..

Summertime in the bush..

This was actually part of our house...Beautiful view!

This was actually part of our house…Beautiful view!

Yes, that's me driving...

Yes, that’s me driving…

On our mission into the bush

On our mission into the bush



A Room With A View: Simon’s Town

A Room With A View: Simon’s Town

I spent a day in Simon’s Town over this past Summer. It was my first time visiting this charming seaside village, which is situated about 40 km outside of the city of Cape Town. This quaint town has a rich history, charming shops, restaurants for every taste, penguins at Boulders Beach, and many other outdoor activities to enjoy.

Simon’s Town is the perfect holiday destination to visit for some down time after spending time in the city.

When we woke up that morning, we stepped out oto to the balcony to this absolutely amazing view. I had to share!