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Q-Tip’s Offline Party

Q-Tip’s Offline Party

Q-Tip’s Offline Party

We’d been gearing up for Q-Tip’s party for weeks, having already bought tickets before we even got to New York. Q-Tip has a reputation for throwing the hottest parties in New York, and is known for throwing it down ‘til the sun comes up. So of course we had to make sure we didn’t miss out on this hip hop legend’s new monthly party as we were pretty sure we’d have a ridiculously goood time.

With a blend of funk, old school and new school hip hop, dude had us jamming literally non stop from the time we got our stamps on our wrists, until we walked out with the bouncers as they were closing up! IWhen you’re next in New York, do yourself a favour and see if you can catch this party!














Fela! On Broadway

Fela! On Broadway

If there’s one thing we did well on our trip to New York, it was definitely be making new and hopefully lasting connections with some really awesome people. On this trip, we met and made friends with a few of the guys from the Fela! musical which was on Broadway at the time. It really is seldom that you meet people who touch your heart with beautiful energy and authentic vibes as these guys did. We formed a connection with them immediately, and spent most of our last days enjoying laughs, dancing, drinks and music together.

Being the generous souls they are, they invited us to come and see the show on a day that our good friend Duain was playing lead as the legendary Fela. Some of us had seen the show before, but seeing it again felt like it was the very first time seeing it. The energy, the beautiful music, the beautiful people, the vibrant colours, the “oh my word, thats amazing” kind of dancing made for an unforgettable experience. There’s just something about this musical that pulls at your heartstrings. Something about this show that makes you so proud to be African.

Thank you dear friends, for this wonderful experience!






*UPDATE: Fela! will embark on a national USA tour starting 29 January 2013 until 9 June 2013. Be sure to catch a show at a theatre near you! You wont regret it!


Lunching & Shopping with the Boys, New York

We spent a lovely day in Soho, New York with the boys who had just come back from an epic trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were flying out of New York back to Johannesburg, so they spent the last day of their holiday in the city. We lunched at a cosy little restaurant on Spring Street called Le Petite Cafe. They shared many hilarious stories about their Jamaica trip, and had us in stitches at their colourful tales.

After lunch, we did a little bit of shopping in the Soho district. The boys wanted to get in a bit of last minute shopping, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity to shop a little bit more (for our friends and family of course)

All in all, a very chilled day filled with lots of love and laughter.

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When the Night Was Mad Real…

When the Night Was Mad Real…

After the major night we had club-hopping in the city, only a few things could make us feel somewhat human again. So before heading back to our apartment, the few of us who could still keep our eyes open for a bit longer headed off to a 24 hour diner near our apartment in the Lower East Side. With pleasant 6am smiles and fresh coffee, the waiters fed us a fascinating array of eggs, omelettes and pancakes that immediately made us feel functional again, and we got to send Vie off happy, fulfilled, and with the itis.

No we have no idea what that thing on the right is


Soho shopping

Soho shopping

Since all the ladies insisted they have “nothing to wear”, there was an exodus for some shopping in Soho. With a heatwave reaching temperatures of about 38 degrees, being outside felt like someone was literally holding six heaters over our bodies. Unbelievable. So as a coping mechanism, we had to go into many many clothing stores for some air-conditioning relief :-)
After a few hours of shopping and having worked up an appetite, we stopped for what meant to be a quick bite, but ended up becoming a long leisurely lunch at Soho’s Cafe Bari. As usual our lunch was made up of some laughter, some real talk, and a mojito pitcher or two. We continued our shopping expedition after the sudden and heavy rainstorm that hit the city passed. And because this is New York, and no city matches its coolness, we randomly stumbled upon a free Nas concert at one of the stores in Soho. This made our day.
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Street Walking and Subway Riding, NYC

Street Walking and Subway Riding, NYC

Getting from one place to another in New York became somewhat of an event for us. Some of the ladies saw each venture into the streets of New York as an opportunity to turn it into their runway, while others had the sometimes daunting task of navigating our way around the city without lose each other!

The subway was also another world altogether – between the subway musicians who amused us with random performances while we waited for trains, to the preachers who were looking to ‘save us’ before the (other) end of the world, to cat fights between ghetto baby mama types, the offensive grandpas trying to get it, and the brown sugar brothers who COULD probably get it, moving around the city proved to be one hell of an interesting, sometimes peculiar, yet often hilariously good time!